The Deconstruction, Part I

This has been my least favorite stage. We started by taking down doors and cabinets. It felt cluttered and chaotic. Like someone had just trashed the RV looking for expensive things to steal. Our initial plan had been to reuse as much as possible, to repurpose it, and ultimately save some cash. But as we went along, more and more was thrown out. "That piece is particle board. This one is rusted. And I don't even know what this is."

Early on I came across a dead creature and its nest. It had been living underneath the bed. Oh dear. Soon a hornet moved in to the ceiling area. To this day I haven't been able to get it out.   Or maybe it's just different hornets coming and going as they please. Either way you will hear at least one person scream per work day. And we have had a delay with removing the cabinets above the driver's seat when Aaron's arm broke out in a rash. 

We recruited my nephew to help us. He has been a huge blessing to us. I think he secretly likes destroying things. Tell him to tear down a wall and he goes at it like a bear is attacking him. His methods have led to some minor injuries but ultimately he shrugs it off and gets back to it. Thanks to him, a wall was removed and the shower ripped out.

Don't mind Aaron's face. He had probably just hit himself with a hammer or knocked his knees against a random object.

We have had to strip it down to the insulation.

The only parts that remain are the cockpit, and the toilet and storage closet. This whole process has been very slow with us only working 2-3 days a month. 

Next: The Descontruction, Part II: The Dreaded Cockpit.