The Executive

Let's talk about this RV. It's a thing of real beauty. A 1979 Executive Motorhome. As you can see, it's straight from the 1970s. Floral fabric, green carpet with hints of an orange carpet underneath, and brown cabinets.  First impressions? Dark, crowded, old, lots of carpet.

Aaron and I have no experience with RVs or remodeling anything on wheels. Everything we find and encounter will be followed with furious googling and phone calls to friends and family. 

Our goal from the beginning was to take everything out. Literally everything you see. We want to start with a blank slate. There is plenty of space and potential in this vehicle. The most difficult obstacle is the age of the vehicle. Even taking it down to the studs, those studs are going to be really old. We are taking a risk with using something this old and worn. I will describe in more detail in another post what we have come across in the deconstructing of the RV.

Looking at these pictures now, after we have begun the deconstructing process, I wonder how I even knew this would work. Ha! So much of what you see here is gone. I'm excited to show you but I'm going to hold off. 

Coming Up: The Deconstruction