The Next Phase (Aaron: Part II)

I've driven this RV twice. It was a challenge for sure, I've never driven any vehicle this size and especially one that weighs as much as it does. The RV does have a 440 dodge big block and can obviously pull a ton. I was expecting it to have a bit more power though. Now that we have removed so much out of it maybe it would be a little easier to drive. I am sure there are some things I can do to the engine and transmission to give it more horsepower.

First I need to focus on ensuring the engine and the vehicles standard operations are in tip top shape. I am going to get the carburetor rebuilt and a nice tune up done as well. Also the last six feet of exhaust is rusted through. I will have to custom order two pipes in a certain shape and have a buddy weld them on for me. I think then the beast will be sound mechanically, I hope.

After this phase is complete my focus will be on selecting my solar set up which comprises of so many elements, besides just panels and a battery, when it comes to powering a business on wheels. I have a strong idea in the direction I'm going to go when it comes time to buying everything. I believe will be the most expensive aspect of this project.

After I install the solar panels and components, it will be a day of cheer and happiness because then I can start wiring up my outlets and fixtures. I have never done any electrical work, but again I have watched a lot of videos and have brushed up on the basics on electricity. I am sure I will run into issues with this, though I have several friends that can help me sort out the issues when they present themselves. I am very confident though when it comes to it.  After this phase it starts to get more progressive. Reconstruction!  

We have plans to use a local carpenter to add some nice earthy flare and trace other resources when thinking of our flooring, walls and ceiling. I plan on putting in pallet board wood as our flooring. There is a local wood dump where I can get this all free. I believe the ceilings will be pallet board as well. To give the store a bright open feel the walls will be painted white. There are two ceiling fans I will remove and custom order a skylight cover to bring in more natural light. The RV has 11 windows so it will feel very open already. 

When I think of a bookstore, I see walls full of books where I feel a bit overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Sarah and I don't want to overwhelm our customers by overcrowding our store. Our plan is to have floating open shelves. I am dead set on gun metal grey plumbers piping as the basic structure for the shelves to sit on. I will use a local carpenter to build us some raw edged shelving that has a matching stain as the rest of the wood has. Bookstores generally don't have too much seating, so inside the RV we plan on having a couple cozy secluded nooks for people to get lost in reading during their stay. I'm unsure exactly what I want this to look like and unsure as well about the locations of these areas in the RV itself.  Aside from the few seats on the inside of the vehicle we will provide outdoor seating with small tables, so for instance if some people want to get together for a book club, we can accommodate them.  

Another really cool idea we had is to have a bar where people can order coffee (and hopefully wine) without having to go inside. We will have display cases of select books on the outside as well. There will be an awning to shade our guests on sunny days and a propane outdoor heater for when it gets a little chilly. We want to provide the most comfortable experience.

We plan to mostly keep our business parked locally (hopefully on commercial street). The great thing about our business being in an RV is that if we feel the location we are parked at isn't getting enough foot traffic we can move elsewhere. Also, we plan on going to different festivals and other events all across Missouri. This RV provides us to literally have our business anywhere we want. If we ever move out of state our business comes with us without having to deal with commercial building contracts and all the expenses that go along with that.  Our power will come from the sun, so that eliminates burning fossil fuels thus maintaining a self sustaining business.