An Introduction

Hello friend. My name is Sarah. And I am the owner of the Wayfarer. 

What is the Wayfarer? It is a mobile bookstore located in Springfield, Missouri that will operate exclusively from a 1979 Executive Motorhome. Why do I say will? Because we are in the process of remodeling the RV. When it is finished it will be a modern, moving bookstore on wheels selling used books and offering locally brewed coffee and tea.

For some time now I have dreamed of running my own business and I knew I wanted to sell books. As time went on that dreamed evolved and took on new life. I thought about an old school, stuffed to the brim store with piles of books and cats. I thought about the bookstore that served hipster coffee and tiny pastries. The ideas fell out of me but nothing stuck. Skip to last Thanksgiving and there it appeared. My husband's granny had an RV that she needed to sell. We decided to check it out on a whim. I knew before I stepped onto the green rug and laid my eyes upon those brown cabinets and sat on the floral couch that it would be perfect. No longer could I see the brick and mortar store of old but instead I could see the mobile bookstore. It was perfect.

Since purchasing the RV we have been focusing our energies on gutting it completely. Tearing out cabinets, pulling up carpet, and bringing down the walls. It will need to be stripped to the bare. It will be a hard and fun journey.

So what's this blog for? I am going to tell you everything! Yep. I'm going full disclosure and letting you all in on the process of starting the business, the physical work involved in remodeling the RV, and eventually opening the business. You can look forward to the details of how one starts a business and all the little unforeseen details that come about. You will see what it takes to remodel an RV and the mishaps that occur along the way. And you will see how we are going to transform it from an old RV to a mobile bookstore.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Sarah. I am dreamer of this project. I grew up in northwest Missouri where I spent the majority of my time reading science fiction books, crooning to Jeff Buckley, and watching Japanese horror movies. I moved to Springfield 2004 for college and I never left. I love Springfield and it has become my home. My husband is Aaron and he is my partner in this endeavor. He grew up in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Iowa. He moved to Springfield in 2014, not long before we met. 

This is the Wayfarer on the day we bought it.

I truly hope you will follow us on this journey!